Billionaire Leverage Techniques: 5 Tips to Accomplish Your Big Dream


Have you ever had a dream so big that you didn’t know how to make it come true? The dream is there, in the back of your mind, biting you and calling for your attention.

For many busy entrepreneurs, they may start to feel like the dream is slowly dying. With everything you need to do to generate financial results, you never have time to focus on sleep. You are always busy running your business, making money, taking care of your customers, etc. Who has time to pursue their dreams?

When you let your dream die, it affects your passion. Without passion, running your business can start to feel like a job (who wants that?). Passion is the fuel that keeps you moving forward every day, gives you the stamina to overcome challenges and obstacles, and inspires you to think big.

I recently saw an Oprah special called “Building a Dream” about the launch of her Girls Leadership Academy in South Africa. Watching the show, I realized that Oprah had been considering this school for a long time. He was clear on many details, from the uniforms to the color of the bricks of the building. It has been the fuel that keeps her moving forward every day, overcoming the great obstacles that have been presented to running a billion dollar empire.

We all know Oprah is very busy with her show and magazine. He realized his dream and realized his passion by surrounding himself with a team of people capable of achieving his vision.

If you study billionaires (which I do) you will learn a special leverage technique that everyone uses to make their dreams come true. I have seen this technique used by Oprah, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. The technique: teaming up to bring the vision to life.

Here are five tips to get you started:

1- Stay focused on the vision. In the Dreaming Room by Michael Gerber covers the power of what your REAL job is (and besides, it doesn’t get lost in day-to-day management). It’s about creating a vision so big it propels you forward.

2- Do YOUR job. Your job is to focus on high performance activities. Let others do what they do best. Accounting, house cleaning, graphic design, website updates, email filtering, and phone calls are underperforming activities for the average business owner, yet many spend thousands. billable hours per month on these tasks.

3- Surround yourself with powerful performers. When you take advantage of your time and build a team of great people, your dreams come true 100 times faster. Most entrepreneurs are really good at ideas, but they are losing ground when it comes to the details and project management.

4- Start earlier. While completing the Virtual Team Building Secrets interviews, one thing I found in common with the five experts is that they waited too long to form their team. It cost them time, money and reason. All the billionaires I studied immediately took the risk of forming a team.

5- Drop it. Once you’ve built your powerful team, make sure you learn how to delegate well. There is no point in tightening the reins too tightly. A golden rule of delegation is: “Commit to the result, let go of the path to get there.”

It’s time to start building YOUR team. It is the fastest way to save more time, release energy, and move forward towards achieving your vision.


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